CleverTap for Startups Demo:

Retain Users, Ignite Growth

Discover how CleverTap’s integrated analytics and engagement platform can fuel your startup’s growth and drive customer retention.

In this 30 minutes interactive demo, we will take you through CleverTap Dashboard and explore how to:
  1. Use behavioral analytics to understand your users and engage them in at the right time
  2. Segment users to reach the right users with the right message
  3. Run lifecycle management campaigns via Push Notifications, In-app Messages, Emails, etc.
  4. Set up Journeys to automated engagement across channels
  5. Perform Uninstall tracking and run winback campaigns
  6. A/B tests messages to deliver the best performing variation
Look at two case studies on how successful startups have leveraged CleverTap to grow their user base over years.

Get all details about CleverTap Essentials Plan and answers to your queries in QnA session

In startups, when you have too many things to manage at once and a limited team of people, having a platform like CleverTap which solves multiple problems is critical. As CleverTap combines analytics and engagement features in a single platform, we were able to replace multiple tools with CleverTap. Even large teams can benefit from it as they can improve the way they operate.
Vatsal Singhal, Founder of Ultrahuman

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